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Holiday Carpet Company has many services available to its clients. Holiday Carpet Company provides and installs hard surface materials such as vinyl composition tile, commercial vinyl, ceramic tile, stone tile, wood flooring and laminates. The sales and installation of carpets of many varieties including Wiltons, Axminsters, knitted, woven and tufted products have been the mainstays of Holidays business for decades. These products have been utilized in a variety of commercial applications.

Holiday Carpet Company has successfully completed installations in hospitals, restaurants, bowling alleys, office buildings, hotels, nightclubs, educational institutions, banks, casinos, yachts, automobile showrooms and thousands of condominium and apartment units. Hoisting carpet into high rise buildings, installing carpet on residential walls and ceilings and on display areas for the Los Angeles Auto show are just a few examples of the diversity on Holidays commercial business resumé.

Although the majority of installation has been accomplished in Southern California, Holiday Carpet Company has installed carpet in Russia in partnership to Hughes Aircraft Co. Additionally the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo has used their services in restaurants, lobbies and hotel rooms.

Commercial installation and specification must take into consideration a wide variety of existing conditions. The materials specified are often asked to perform under great traffic and wear parameters. Understanding the existing conditions and the performance needs are crucial to the success of any flooring project. Holiday Carpet Company has the commercial specifying experience and the skilled hands to install flooring that will perform and endure.

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