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Our experience has led us to formulate a list of concerns that are often asked by our new clients. Below is a group of questions frequently put to Holiday Carpet Company. We hope this helps with your experience as we begin the process of service.

How long will my design center meeting last?
Generally meetings last two to three hours.

What will I be selecting at my appointment?
Depending on your builder and the status of construction of your new home, you may have the opportunity to select a variety of options. The most common are flooring, counter and window treatments options. Many builders will expand your customizing opportunity with a wide variety of optional programs including appliance, electrical, plumbing and many more.

How do I pay for my options?
The dollar amount of your options will be added to the sales price of your new home. You can bring in a check to escrow and pay for the options or you can finance your options in your mortgage. Consulting your lender prior to your design center meeting will allow you to budget your option selections.

Who will I be meeting to help in the selection process?
Your designer is an experienced design professional, well-versed in product knowledge, specific community architecture and builder options. Armed with the use of color, texture, scale and inherent material characteristics your designer will fit your design palette into your overall interior concept. Our forte is in listening to the client and formulating beautifully unique responses to their individual needs.

Will I need to submit a deposit on my options?
Yes, a deposit for your options will be required. The amount of the deposit will be specific to your homebuilder.

Can I take home the samples I see at the design center?
Your design consultant will happily order you the latest samples from our vendors and have them shipped to your home.

If for any reason I should not complete the escrow process will my deposit be refunded?
The refund of deposits is generally left to the builder. Holiday’s position will be to report to the builder our costs incurred and the status of ordering and installation. Generally the builder will be sensitive to the situation and refund as much of the deposit as possible. There is no refund if materials have been installed.

Will I be given instructions on the maintenance of my new options?
Absolutely, the care and maintenance recommendations from the specific manufacturer will be given to you at the conclusion of your design center consultation.
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