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Counter material can add significant value and beauty to a new home. These selections should be well considered as they may remain in the home for the life of your ownership. As with flooring, upgrading the kitchen and bath tiled surfaces can have a dramatic impact on the overall design. Simple changes or more complex designs will give your home a personal stamp. A wide variety of materials, patterns, textures and colors allows everyone’s creative side to blossom. To begin our countertop material selection we first must examine the criteria that influence our decisions.
Many elements should be considered before a material selection is finalized including but not limited to ease of maintenance, room usage, cost and design.
Ease of Maintenance will often have a significant roll in the selection process. Material that is installed with grout joints will require periodic grout cleaning. Shiny darker materials may show water spots or soap residue. Natural materials may need yearly sealing. Monochromatic materials show everyday soil particles. Some surfaces like granite will resist heat. Other surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tiles have a very hard and non-porous surface. Your designer will go over all the maintenance considerations, while no material is perfect many materials perform very well with little maintenance.
Room Usage is a critical element in the selection of materials. Kitchen and bath counters and showers routinely are subject to spills and moisture. Kitchens are subject to acids found in citrus, wines other food products that can damage marbles and stain grout. Travertine and other softer materials are not good selections for kitchen counters due to their softness and porosity. Softer materials can be used for kitchen splashes, as they are vertical surfaces and take much less traffic. Relevant use considerations range from grip on shower flooring to a materials ability to resist scratching in kitchens.
Cost is often a consideration in the selection process. Spending a little more on counters and shower surrounds to achieve an aesthetic design objective, improve the usefulness of the space or extend the time between replacement are a few of the justifications for the added investment. Most material categories have a range of pricing that will allow any budget to be achieved while still satisfying the look that only a specific material can deliver. Counters and surrounds are at eye level and have a large impact on the visual beauty of your home, generally the added cost to purchase a richer material will prove to be a wise investment over time. Many people consider granite kitchen counters the best resale upgrade in option selection.
Design is perhaps most influenced by material selection. The color, texture, pattern, size and placement of counter materials significantly enhance a rooms feel. Countertops can evoke feelings of drama, whimsy, formality or comfort to name a few. Counters like flooring can define spaces, accentuate architectural detail or even become the focal point of the design. Many cultural and aesthetic alternatives can be achieved due to the variety and versatility of the myriad of products utilized in today’s counter top design.
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