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Window coverings are the final piece to your design puzzle. Holiday Carpet Company offers an extensive line of window coverings ranging from wood shutters to aluminum blinds. Your designer has extensive training in the benefits of each product line. As with floors and counters a wide range of options exists to accent your new home. Each option has inherent qualities that involve light infusion, privacy, style, cost, durability, safety considerations, functionality and ease of operation. A discussion of each of these design considerations is necessary for each window in your home. Your window environment, which includes sun direction, proximity to neighboring homes, views, child supervision, street privacy, window shape, size and height, prevailing breezes, design needs and many other influences must be evaluated prior to selecting a covering for your windows.
Many elements should be considered before a material selection is finalized including but not limited to ease of maintenance, room usage, cost and design.
Privacy plays a major influence in the selection of window coverings. Bedrooms and bathrooms will use a covering that will optimize privacy. Privacy should be evaluated regarding the street, neighboring homes, elevation changes between properties and also where personal spaces intersect entertaining spaces in your new home.
Light control is important to homeowners that have daytime sleep needs, sun fading of interior finishes worries, or concerns about glare to electronic screens on televisions and computers.
Material finish is important mainly to design needs. Use of natural materials such as bamboo, woods, reeds or grasses definitely feel differently than aluminum or any fabric. Your style may largely dictate the material and thus influence the type of window covering.
Window size, shape and height will influence the type of covering available to fit each window. Larger windows may have limitations as to headrail size, sliding doors will dictate vertical as opposed to horizontal blinds, high windows may require remote operating systems, some window shapes eliminate some styles of window fashion. Casement windows and sliding windows open in different directions and may require different opening solutions. Your design consultant will be fully aware of your window conditions at your design center meeting.
Operating systems will influence your selection process. Windows behind large master bathtubs, couches or high on walls are difficult to reach and may require remote openers. If you have small children you may have concerns about the drawstrings hanging down on low windows. Some window fashions like wood blinds can be heavy on large windows and require a reasonable amount of strength to manipulate. Shutters can open like doors and need room to open fully. Each of these concerns can be satisfied by a number of window fashions.
Energy savings can be an influencing factor in the selection of window coverings. South facing windows will require more thought in this area, as they will be exposed to the sun’s rays for a longer majority of the day.
Cost varies widely in the window covering arena. Many people elect to use more expensive coverings such as wood shutters in their more formal areas and wood blinds or faux wood blinds in less formal areas and bedrooms. It must be noted that, with all building components, there are companies willing to sell you very poor quality products that resemble better made coverings. The life span of your window coverings depends on choosing wisely for the individual window needs and also on purchasing quality window coverings composed of well made operating components and finish materials.
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