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Floor covering can be a significant investment in any new home. Achieving a nice return on your investment rests on how well selections are made for your particular needs. There are many factors that are weighed in the selection process; your design center consultant has the experience and product knowledge to assist you. Holiday Carpet Company has assisted in the selection of hundreds of model homes and literally thousands of homes that could be.
Many elements should be considered before a material selection is finalized including but not limited to sound attenuation, traffic conditions, room usage, cost and design.
Sound is transmitted through air in waves. Harder surfaces reflect waves and softer surfaces absorb waves. Materials such as stone, ceramic tile and some hardwoods are harder while vinyl, cork and carpet are softer materials.
Traffic can be defined as repetitive use. Stairs, hallways, kitchens, baths and entries are all areas in homes that, over time, will begin to show wear faster than more less traveled areas such as bedrooms and formal living spaces. More durable surfaces such as stone, ceramic tile, wood and resilient flooring offer protection from traffic pattern wear. If carpet is utilized in higher traffic areas such as halls and stairs, a higher quality carpet and padding is recommended.
Room Usage is a critical element in the selection of materials. Kitchen and bath flooring routinely is subject to spills and moisture. Surfaces such as ceramic tile, vinyl and natural stone better resist the problems caused by spills and moisture. Wood flooring and laminates are not recommended for areas that may often encounter moisture.
Cost is often a consideration in the selection process. Spending a little more on flooring to achieve an aesthetic design objective, improve the usefulness of the space or extend the time between replacement are a few of the justifications for the added investment. Most material categories have a range of pricing that will allow any budget to be achieved while still satisfying the need that only that specific material can deliver. Flooring takes more abuse than any other surface in your home, generally the added cost to purchase a better flooring product will prove to be a wise investment over time.
Design is perhaps most influenced by material selection. The color, texture, pattern, size and placement of flooring significantly enhance a rooms feel. Flooring can make a room feel larger or cozier, insight activity or nurture relaxation. Flooring can define spaces, accentuate architectural detail or even become the focal point of the design. Any design style from Shabby Chic to Contemporary has flooring alternatives that can be utilized to complete the desired effect.
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